Design by Quench.

Design that sells
(yeah it's real).

Clean, simple & elegant.

We create product, graphic & brand design that screams for attention and helps you sell more stuff.

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Killer products, from concept to production. With design that cuts the crap and get's straight to the point.
Graphics underpinned by utility. Functional design that customers understand and aesthetically enjoy.
What's the story, what do you stand for. Brand design by mantra, ceremony and experience.
Let's make something beautiful.

This is how it works.


Design strategy.

Brand equity audit. Audience analysis. Competitive review. Strategic direction.
Design by Quench.


Brand identity.

Visual positioning.  
Icon & illustration guides.
Brand DNA creation.
Graphics by Quench.


Communication strategy.

Verbal identity.
Tagline exploration.
Communication style.
Brand by Quench.

Design with Quench.

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Example Design by Quench projects:
Full re-brand
Brand refresh
Website branding
Investment decks
Social templates
Bespoke projects
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