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 If the goal is to help people understand something new, we’re in.

How filming a video with Quench works:


Let's get you wet.

We begin to work out exactly how we’re going to share the experience of your product with the world..
How it’s made, what it feels like and why they’ll want to put it in their mouths. After this we’ll put together a treatment which outlines our idea, a screenplay that explains everything in detail, and a game plan for the resources we’ll need to make your video.


We’ve got directors, cinematographers, gaffers, key grips and best boys all in house. (Yes ‘best boy’ is an actual industry term).
Ready to produce some sexy sh*t. Our team has produced everything from 30 second instagram clips to full features. We even have BFI winners in our ranks. We also use cinema standard equipment as standard.

We'll fix it in post.

This is where we cut down the raw footage and actually make something presentable.
Condensing hours of footage into the final video. At this stage we also create high end motion graphics, visual effects, original soundtracks or secure licensing along with colour grading to make your video look so good you could eat it.


When your final video is rendered and ready to be viewed by the world, we’ll optimise it for all platforms, with versions for all social media and video streaming platforms.
We’ll even create a square version for instagram. We can embed our videos into websites, live events and pretty much anywhere. We’ll also send it to our parents as they love seeing what we’re up to.

Our pricing for video:

Just a starter.
  • 1 Minute.
  • 4K Cinema standard.
  • Made for social.
  • 7 Day's to create.
  • This video service is perfect if you just want an awesomevideo showcasing your location, product or experience.With a quick turnaround time and social optimisation.This option is perfect if you’re looking to help promoteyour craft online, launch a new product or drive consumerinteractions.
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Main course.
Most popular.
  • 5 Minutes.
  • 4K Cinema standard.
  • Made for projects.
  • 3 Weeks to create.
  • Changing the world? This option is perfect if you want to create a video that showcases a project you’re working on. We create project videos that impact, designed for your investor funding rounds, CSR campaigns or brand videos. Quench can produce a killer video that actually makes a difference. We will work with you to produce a video you can be proud of. It’s what we do best.
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Book a table.
And beyond.
  • Unlimited runtime.
  • Unlimited K's. (Better than the cinema)
  • Made for everything.
  • Anything you want, we'll provide in spades.
  • From inception to execution. Quench will manage everything. (A bit too vague?) Here’s an example: We helped Paddy & Scott’s launch a new coffee-infused beer. We created everything needed to bring it to market from video to online selling. Payment systems and full marketing campaigns. Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet service, and we don’t work with everyone, only brands we actually believe in.
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