We're not for everyone.

We make food and drink look sexy.


 is a creative company for craft food and drink brands.


We make awesome videos that sell products. (It's simple really).


Product, graphic and brand design. (We like pretty things).


E-commerce shop creation (This is how we sell your product).
Video is our medium of choice.
Our videos help make your products look more sexy. Simple. Let us make your craft seen and shared.
Content that actually sells.
We're a creative agency that uses awesome stuff to generate sales. We know what works. So no more bullsh*t.
Cheaper than you think.
Great stuff shouldn't cost the earth. We scale depending on the size of your project. To keep costs low. It's pretty sweet.
Meet the people brave enough to work with us.
The cool people we've worked with.
We wear our prices on our sleeves.

We're not for everyone.

Real sh*t costs real money.

 This is how much it could cost to work with us. We don't hide our prices, unlike some "creative" agencies. Who only seem to get creative with the costs.

Image by Quench.
  • Unlimited photos.
  • 24 hour turnaround.
  • On brand LUT’s.
  • Our hand-picked pros deliver professional photo shoots on-demand, at fixed fees from £500 Editing & LUT’s included.
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Video by Quench.
  • 4K Cinema standard.
  • Made for social.
  • 7 Day's to create.
  • This video service is perfect if you just want an awesomevideo showcasing your location, product or experience.With a quick turnaround time and social optimisation.This option is perfect if you’re looking to help promoteyour craft online, launch a new product or drive consumerinteractions.
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Shop by Quench.
  • Conversion focused design & UX.
  • Data driven development.
  • SEO & data migration.
  • International fulfilment.
  • Conversion rate optimisation.
  • One-click checkout.
  • Start selling your craft. Trading online has never been more awesome, faster, or scalable.
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Team Quench.

Welcome to the crew.

Quench is nothing without the brilliant faces behind the scenes.
  • Everyone is very nice.
  • That lighting is very aesthetic.


Founder. I make stuff look fucking awesome.

Operations director. I make sure shit gets done.
Accounts director. I keep everything running smoothly.
Sales director. I find people awesome enough to work with us.
Account manager. I help clients create brilliant stuff.
Quench photographer. I make your products look sexy.
Sophie White
Social designer. I get your brand seen by millions.
Lead animator. I spend way too much time in after effects.
Developer. I round corners and make the logo bigger.