Image by Quench

Sales focused photography.

Images the sell more.

 We don't just take pretty pictures, we capture sales. Beautiful product photography that actually converts.

Unlimited photos.
24 hour turnaround.
On brand LUT's.

How much it costs to book a shoot.

Quench apprentice programme.
Per day.
  • 6 Hours on location.
  • Freelance/Student photographer in training.
  • 48 hour turnaround (not guaranteed).
  • Unlimited photos.
  • Creative photography.
  • Cost effective.
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Quench Contracted Photographer.
Per day.
  • 4 Hour on location shoot time.
  • Access Quench bulk contractor prices (better photographers for cheaper).
  • 48 hour turnaround from finishing shoot.
  • Unlimited photos. (that can be shot in 4 hours).
  • Certified professional photographer.
  • Realistic editing.
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Image by Quench Photographer.
Per day.
Most popular.
  • Full day of photography (7 Hours on location).
  • Quench certified quality.
  • 24 hour turnaround from finishing shoot.
  • Unlimited photos.
  • Unlimited Editing.
  • Custom LUT creation. (Branded aesthetic).
  • Shot for ‘by Quench’ services.
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Here's what's included.

Hero images.
Hero Images serve as the 'shopfront' of many online food brands. They show a vibrant selection of your different dishes.
Item images.
High quality images of food can uplift online menu conversions by 6.5%... so let's populate your clients' websites and social media with item images that truthfully represent the quality that their customers receive.
Product photography.
Imagery of your products in a more typical setting, featuring contextual props and a more visually stimulating set-up. The focus still remains on the product itself with no model visible.
Simple product photography.
Simple clean images of products displayed individually or collectively on a plain (white/coloured) background. These are typically used for online stores / product listings.
Lifestyle photography.
Quench lifestyle photography is where the real business value lies... helping to express individuality and build trust across your web listings and social media. Behind the scenes images act as a perfect reminder to customers that their food is homemade and not heavily processed!
Additional stuff
Customer images: Images of models / influencers / customers enjoying your food and the experience you're creating.

Packaging photography: It's important to show customers how products are delivered, so they know exactly what to expect...  Besides, businesses often spend a lot of time designing their packaging so it's important to show it off!